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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 (SLES15 SP1) released

On June 24th 2019, one year after the first release, SUSE announced SLES15 SP1 the first service pack for SLES 15.  This release adds many new features for System Z and also for using SLES15 SP1 as a KVM host and guest! So we have

  • z14 support and performance support for pervasive encryption:
    • OpenSSL exploitation of the new ciphers, especially AES-GCM
    • LUKS2 support
    • performance enhancement with 4k support for dm-crypt
    • performance enhancement for other ciphers e.g. ChaCha20 using new SIMD instructions
    • CEX6 support
    • z14 CPUMF counter support in perf tool
  • KVM
    • kvm_stat support for performance monitoring
    • dedicated crypto domains for guests
    • support for huge pages in the guest
  • Networking
    • SMC-D/R support
    • IPv6 checksum and segmentation offload

The kernel level has been updated to 4.12.14-195.1. The first maintweb kernel (containing all the urgent fixes that didn’t make GA)  is also out 4.12.14-197.7.  Here is my usual list of useful links for further reading:

(updated 7/23/2019)

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