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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5 (SLES12 SP5) released

On December 9th 2019,  SUSE announced SLES12 SP5 the follow up service pack after SLES 12 SP4.  This release is the last service pack of SLES12. The new features for System Z include:

  • First z15 support in compiler, binutils and kernel and zlib compression support
  • Networking: OSA7 and full TCP offload support for layer 2
  • Lot’s of security and crypto enhancements including finally the tool zcryptstats to monitor the crypto adapters also from Linux
  • For storage the new persistent device configuration tools (chzdev and lszdev) have been integrated int the SUSE tooling
  • KVM got a lot of new functionality: dedicated crypto adapter domains for guests, z15 support, ….

The kernel level has been updated to 4.12.14-120.1. The first maintweb kernel, which contains all the urgent fixes that didn’t make GA, is also out. The version is 4.12.14-122.7.1.  Especially with the kernel upgrade it’s highly recommended that you install that service right away. Here is my usual list of useful links for further reading:

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