Linux on System z – Financial Trading demo from LinuxCon

Donna Dillenberger is showing a pure open source demo on the mainframe combining all the new technologies like Spark, MongoDB, Postgres, MariaDB, Node.js, Docker, Chef etc.
It’s using live analytics for streams from Twitter and S&P financial data, showing the power of realtime analysis on the mainframe.
She is also providing a look at the infrastrucure driving this and even shows a fail over from one site to another using Hyperswap.
Towards the end she is providing real performance data for some of the components used.
During this presentation your probably want to pause and playback to get all the information she packed into those 18 minutes. Here is a breakdown (minutes:seconds) for reference:

  • 0:00: demonstration
  • 7:48: a look at the infrastructure
  • 11:22: failover by killing one storage subsystem
  • 13:45: performance data
  • 17:00: agility & summary

(updated 8/19/2015)

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