How to submit requirements for LinuxONE, Linux on z Systems, z/VM and KVM on z Systems

Request for Enhancement IBM Community

KVM as well as LinuxONE is now part of the ” Request for Enhancement (RFE) Community”. So as described in my earlier post you can now also submit requirements for LinuxONE and KVM to IBM. To do this open the  community start page and then select  the “Submit” tab.
After entering in your IBM ID, you can fill in your requirement. In the product pull down please select one of:

  • Linux on System z
  • IBM LinuxONE
  • KVM for IBM z Systems
  • z/VM

Fill in the other fields as good as you can and then click on submit.

Canonical is handling requirements for the Ubuntu distribution through Launchpad. Open a bug there, put requirement in the title and tag it with s390x.

Red Hat has a defined RFE process for their customers. So after logging into RHN follow the instructions to submit a request.

SUSE requirements can be submitted to their sales reps as well as using  the “feedback” button at the bottom of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z web site.

(Updated 6/28/2016)

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