Today July 17th 2017 IBM announced the new mainframe called IBM z14. Planned availability date is September 13, 2017.

z14 glas model
IBM z14 glass model

From a Linux perspective the IBM tested platforms has been updated to include z14. The following minimum levels are required:

  • Red Hat (certifications)
    • RHEL 7.3 – GA kernel
    • RHEL 6.9 – tbd
  • SUSE
    • SLES 11.4 (certification) -minimum kernel 3.0.101-108.10, RoCE Express2 not supported
    • SLES 12.2 (certification) -minimum kernel 4.4.74-92.35.1
  • Canonical
    • Ubuntu (certification) 16.04.3 LTS – minimum kernel level LTS 4.4.0-96-generic
  • If you are using secure key with the new cards, updates are required to the respective libs you use and the TKE. Minumum levels
    • TKE 9.0
    • csulcca-5.2.23-12, ep11-host-1.3.0-3, ep11-host-devel-1.3.0-3, libep11-dev_1.3.0-3, libep11_1.3.0-3

z14 exploitation of new features:

  • Red Hat
    • DTS 7.0 with new compiler and binutils
  • SUSE

Useful links:

(updated 11/28/2017)

 Assembling the IBM Z mainframe in 120 seconds

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