In January 2015 IBM announced the new version of the mainframe called z13.  As of March 9th 2015 the successor of the zEC12 is officially available.

z13 mainframe glas model
z13 glas model – photo Michael Storzer

This machine has many new features that I will cover in separate blog posts. The full advantages from all of them will become available with more and more exploitation and adaptions during the next year.

From a Linux perspective the IBM tested platforms has been updated to include z13.
Please check the minimum and recommended kernel levels to ensure a smooth upgrade to z13!

Also Red Hat and SUSE updated their web sites to include the certifications:

From a z/VM perspective only z/VM 6.2 and z/VM 6.3 is being supported. But you need to install the required service before updating the hardware! Exploitation will only come with z/VM 6.3, so please plan for upgrades! And there is no z/VM 5.4 support any more. 

Warning: Unsupported Linux releases and/or missing
z/VM service may lead to virtual server failures.

Other useful links:

For the z13s and z13 GA2 announcements, please refer to this link.  

(updated 02/17/2016)

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