New Whitepaper: “Java Design and Coding for Virtualized Environments”

Ever wondered why your Java application is not running as smooth as it should in a virtualized environment? There are multiple reasons for this and so Steve Wehr gives some explanation for this in this new whitepaper. This isn’t a complete answer and not everything is black and white but it should get you started. The topic covered in the paper are:

  • Why is Virtualization a Problem for Applications?
  • How to Waste CPU in your Java Application
  • How to Waste Memory in your Java Application
  • Best Practices for Java Applications in Virtualized Environments
  • Employ Strategies that Encourage Efficient Application Design for Virtualization

Of course there are other “performance bugs” as well, but from what I see in may daily work running applications in a virtualized environment with shared resources will make those bugs visible.

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