New Redpaper “Silent Installation Experiences with Oracle Database 11gR2 Real Application Clusters on Linux on System z”

IBM has published a new Redpaper covering the so called “silent mode” installation of Oracle. This installation method eliminates the GUI and user input during installation. Instead all parameters are specified in a file. Note that this applies to the latest Oracle only. This paper also covers the most current Oracle documents for installing on Linux on System z. Here is the content of this paper:

  • Oracle Database general information
  • Oracle environment
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure silent mode installation
  • Oracle RAC silent mode installation
  • Upgrading with the latest patch set update
  • Optional methods to install and clone Oracle Database on Linux on z
    • Installing and cloning a single instance
    • Installing and cloning a two-node RAC database
    • Installing and cloning a new cluster
  • Cleaning up after a failed installation to perform a fresh installation

The standard installation of Oracle RAC is covered in “Installing Oracle 11gR2 RAC on Linux on System z” which I already recommended in an article here.

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