IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud is open

The Community Cloud announced at LinuxCon is accepting registrations and afterwards you deploy and start your Linux image. Please read the quickstart guide before get going – at least read if you get stuck 🙂

If you don’t do this, then at least read the invitation email. Here are the top hints:

  • Access is given using a public key – generate it in the Web GUI and then select it for deployment. This is not selected by default and without that key you don’t get into the new system! 
  • When you deploy, select the new project assigned to you and not “public” which is the default. You can only work on your project area! 
  • You can only have one Linux server there. So if you want to switch between images, you need to delete the old one first. 

There is also a FAQ available which covers general aspects of this.

Happy testing!

(updated 08/12/2015)

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